[thechat] the influence of Celtic music on American music

Terry Fowler quackamoe at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 22 16:08:04 CDT 2003

--- Kevin Stevens <kjs at ratking.co.uk> wrote:
> > Hell there are a lot of American musicians who
> just play flat out Irish
> > music.
> Check out a band called Flogging Molly, they sound
> exactly like the Pogues,
> and I'm pretty sure they are American.
They're playing in Hollywood tomorrow! The Boy was 
going to go, but then he bought college books. 8(
Unfortunately the prof wants artists/groups who are
already of significance on the "American Music

Hmm, that Dylan guy might work though. 


"When you say 'Dylan',
he thinks you're talking about Dylan Thomas.
Whoever he was.
The man just ain't got no culture."

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