[thechat] A question for Issac...

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Fri Aug 22 17:16:46 CDT 2003

(Not Isaac, but I play one on TV.)

Alan wrote:
> My wife and I were just wondering what the IT job market (specifically
> the web dev market) is like in Australia. We're considering the option
> of relocating and were wondering how things looked there.

Hahahahaha. You slay me, Alan. Really, that's a good one. Great work.

Oh? You were serious?

Never mind them.

Ummm... it's fair to say that, at least as far as my pink little shell-like
to the ground goes, it's not great. This is purely anecdotal (I've been
at the same e-commerce dot-com for 4 years, which makes me rather... 
but I don't think there's much around in the web dev field. Other areas
of IT seem to be doing a lot better, but the 'big-name dot-com' field in
Australia has hit the deck in a big way, leaving a lot of web dev guys
looking for the remaining web dev jobs in non-dot-coms: banks and whatever.

What's your skillset like? There are... pockets, I guess you'd say, for
some particular skills.

I don't want to discourage you, just don't want you to think that the
roads here are paved with web dev contracts and get your hopes up.

(I'm in Melbourne, by the way; no idea what the Sydney market, or, indeed,
any other markets, are like)



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