[thechat] Tequila substitute

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Aug 28 13:03:27 CDT 2003

I resent all these digs at tequila (you know who you are!!!)

Usually when the tequila contains a worm, we call it mezcal.
I've heard that technically, all tequila is mezcal ("tequila" comes 
from the name of a town or something).

This site claims that the worm is actually found in lower quality 
tequilas.  (I'm guessing *their* tequila is worm-less).
This is only the first site I found on google, so I don't vouch for it.

My favorite cheap mezcal (with worm) is Monte Alban.
Cuervo 1800 is my favorite non-wormy tequila.

And I'm with Rudy on the sour mash whisky (what?  not Canadian whiskey?)
If I'm gonna go out drinking, my preference is Wild Turkey or Jack Daniels.


>what about the worm? however will you substitute that?
>there's always a worm at the bottom of a "good" bottle of tequila (if there
>is such a thing)
>>  While you're at it, what's your favourite cocktail? (If you drink
>>  cocktails, of course.)
>beer, with a little beer.
>stirred, not shaken.


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