[thechat] Tequila substitute

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Aug 28 16:40:20 CDT 2003

Madhu wrote:
>I may not be much of a drinker, but I learn stuff fast. ;)

I've swallowed my share of pickled worms.  I do not think they have 
any effect, but I was too drunk to tell for sure.  I did once drink 
half a bottle of mezcal and chase it with a hit of acid.  That was a 
night.  Boy it was great being 21!

>  Pity we don't get Midori here. :(

I take that back about not having a favorite cocktail.  I do. I just 
can't afford my favorite cocktail, which is an 1800 midori margarita. 
It's a shot... no, wait... two, yeah two shots of Cuervo 1800, a shot 
of midori, and the regular margarita stuff.  Salt, make sure it's 
margarita salt not table salt.  It's really green.  Use red straws 
for dramatic effect.  That was my shift drink when I used to cocktail 
in Vegas.  mmm....

Patricia Gustin who ran my "alma mater" the "Academy of Professional 
Cocktail Servers and Bartenders" on West Charleston street... she'd 
been in the trade 15 years, had great legs, perfect makeup, a Lincoln 
town car with "cktail" license plate.  She had a voice built from 
whiskey and cigarettes... she always said: "give the ladies two 
straws, because ladies like to suck."


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