[thechat] Cop cars

Ben Dyer bendyer at swbell.net
Thu Sep 4 16:59:36 CDT 2003

Hey, alright - something I can answer that isn't about anime. :D

Most cop cruisers seem to be either Chevrolet Caprice Classics or Ford 
Crown Victorias.  Here in Dallas (and surrounding environs), only the 
older fleet vehicles are Caprice Classics and most of the newer ones 
are Crown Vics.  These are the vehicles you are likely envisioning.

I've seen other police departments use Jeep Cherokees as cruisers but 
these don't seem to be as common.  Chevrolet Camaros are used in an 
interceptor capacity sometimes (Dallas has a few, other suburbs have 
some, too).

 From what I remember, auto manufacturers make "cop cars" as a result of 
what vehicles they create the police add-on packages for: your light 
and siren package, your grill package, improved horsepower, reinforced 
tires, upgraded electronics - can't remember if bulletproof glass is a 
part of it or not, I thought it was cost-prohibitive.


On Thursday, Sep 4, 2003, at 14:02 US/Central, Madhu Menon wrote:
> What's the make of the standard cop cars in USA that they show on TV 
> shows? And are different types of cars used in different states?
> Sudden burst of curiosity, that's all.

Radical Bender

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