[thechat] email chess

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Fri Sep 12 20:05:43 CDT 2003


> > don't move pawns for no reason (this is the hardest to learn, and most
> > important)
> When I was learning how to play, my uncle, who is an Expert (rated) player,
> always said "When in doubt, push a pawn."

now hang on, remember i prefaced all that with the old, all-inclusive, "there's
no hard and fast anything"
(well, except for throwing your king as hard as you can at your opponents

but see, that's a reason!
when in doubt!

you're probably in doubt, because all your pieces are developed, but your
opponent hasn't shown any weaknesses yet (or you don't see any).

pushing a pawn can be an effective "waiting move". alot of times, when there's a
long combination brewing in the center, whoever can maintain the tension longest
will win out.

but again, let me stress the rules are simply guidelines.
whoever wins, uh, wins!


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