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Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Sep 16 09:38:17 CDT 2003

> > i've heard david hasselhoff is a pretty
> > big star in europe (germany especially).
> > can any eurpeans confirm this tragedy?
> He was extremely popular in Germany when I lived there from 89-91. (Or
> perhaps he wasn't *that* popular, but we just noticed him more because
> we didn't recognize any of the other stars?) Anyway, though his
> popularity had fallen in the US by that point, it was still going strong
> in Deutschland.

I grew up with David starring as "Knight Rider".
He was my hero (until I discovered Miles Davis)

For those of you unfamiliar with the Knight Rider,
this be the Knight Rider:
(man, i can't stop the thing fish references)

Michael Knight, worked for a top secret agency that operated "above the law".

They were a force for good, if you had the money.

The team was:
KITT - the talking black pontiac firebird, indestructible, turbo boost, cruise
control, sunroof, the works.
KITT frequently surprised doggies that were about to whiz on his tire by
flapping his doors and saying, "get away you mangy mutt".

Michael Knight: the driver of KITT. his chief role was to wear a leather jacket,
and approach bad guys with a confrontational attitude (always unarmed).
he'd always get caught, like that chick on scooby doo.
then KITT would turbo boost through a wall and save him. (the bad guys never
took Michael's watch, which he used to communicate with KITT -- pretty clever)

Devon: a mysterious British guy. He was KITT and Michael's boss.

The hot chick: uh...whats-her-face. an extremely attractive redhead, who also
happened to be the only mechanic alive skilled enough to suck the oil ouf of

Oh yeah, they traveled around the country in a big black tractor trailer, the
back of which would flip down to admit KITT and the recently rescued, bruised-up

You *never* saw the driver of the truck, and they *never* stopped for gas.

So, uh, are the good people of Germany aware of all this?


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