[thechat] Stocking the bar

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Tue Sep 23 23:39:37 CDT 2003

On Thursday, September 11, 2003, at 03:55  pm, William Anderson wrote:

> Drew Shiel wrote:
>> [snip]
>>   I don't know what kind of Europeans you've dealt with... they must 
>> have been Danes or something :). Around here, a fun summertime hobby 
>> is laughing at the Americans who are completely plastered after half 
>> a pint of Guinness.
> so true - a mate of mine trolleyed thru 13 pints of the black stuff 
> during the course of last Friday :)  When I met up with him at the pub 
> at the bottom of my street for a quick late night pint, me already 
> with a bottle of red in me, he had gone through 10, we had a pint each 
> in the pub (12 midnight last orders! :) and we had a couple of cans 
> when we got back to mine.

Aye. I'm increasingly finding that my tolerance for alcohol outstrips 
my tolerance for volume - I just can't get drunk on beer as I'm usually 
very, very full long before that point.

And I'm too old to use the tactical boak.

> And they say the Scots cannae haud their drink ... oh, wait ...

Most people would have problems holding *anything* much (at least with 
any precision) after that lot.


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