[thechat] Stocking the bar

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Wed Sep 24 04:46:34 CDT 2003

Martin Burns wrote:

> [snip]
> And I'm too old to use the tactical boak.

I'm still the master of the tactical pish - after 4 or 5 pints, go to the 
loo and you're ready for 4 or 5 more :)

I was in this aussie theme pub Walkabout on Friday night, it's just across 
from the Pavilion, and round from the new UGC cinema, and after a few pints 
of the good black stuff, and random shots of tequila and some weird 
butterscotch stuff (in my defence, I didn't go up for that round!), I 
decided to visit the facilities.

What struck me as bizarre, was that they had some guy at the door acting as 
a doorman, assistant, whatever, the kind of guy you see in Ferris Bueller's 
Day Off, handing out squirts of Lynx deodorant and the like - he *showed me 
in* to the cubicle so I could piss - that freaked me out, but thankfully he 
didn't offer to join me or hold anything for me :)  Then, on my drunken way 
out, he held his hand out for a tip.

I'm so not used to this in Glasgow pubs, which I suppose describes the 
quality of the pubs I usually frequent (McPhabbs, woo!!!), so I just shook 
his hand and said "see ya later, mate!" (no, not in an aussie accent!).  I 
never saw his face, but mine was just sheer bemusement, as I walked away 
thinking, "did he ask for a tip?!?!"

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