[thechat] Too Much Stuff!

Chris Marsh chris at ecleanuk.com
Wed Sep 24 11:30:55 CDT 2003


> Q2 - One of my things that (*sob*) 'has to go' is incredibly 
> large, heavy, 
> and expen$ive.  How the heck do you sell something like that 
> (I'm thinking 
> eBay may not be the right 'channel' here folks) without 
> losing most of your 
> equity?  It's not old enough to be an antique.  Are there 
> 'resale shops 
> for outfitting your mansion' kinds of places? {Honest, this 
> thing belongs 
> more in a museum or a 'mansion in the hills' than in a normal home.}

Sorry Ron, can't help with any of your questions but I just *gots* to
know... What is it? Is it a snooker table? Bronze bust of your good
self? Howitzer?


Chris Marsh 

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