[thechat] Too Much Stuff

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Sep 25 10:16:26 CDT 2003

Paul Cowan noted:

>>While you're talking to them, ask them if they feel any need to buy some
>>pens. Specifically, two pens.

>>Retail's about $16,000 US, but I'm happy to negotiate.
>>PPS: Seller-pays shipping would be best, I think.

Hi Paul,


Actually, the president of the company I used to work for may be 
interested. I can give you his name off-list but I don't have a 
current email address for him.

He collected antique and ornamental pens.

Not counting his other holdings, he retired with millions in our 
company stock - so he could certainly afford them.

(Who looked up a few eBay 'fancy pen' prices a few years ago when I 
heard about his affliction.)

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