[thechat] Anyone want to buy an Axim PDA?

Paul Cowan paul at funkwit.com
Sun Oct 5 06:35:59 CDT 2003

--On Thursday, 2 October 2003 1:04 AM +0100 Isaac Forman 
<isaac at bigtrip.org> wrote:
> Paul Cowan and William Anderson on this list both own Axim's and,
> AFAIK, like them.

Yeah, no complaints here.

Having a handheld is great, mostly because of the fun you can have with the
world 'handheld'.

"What am I doing? Oh, nothing... just playing with my handheld."

"Won't be a second... just got to run into the bedroom and grab my 

(or better: "Honey, can you grab my handheld for me?")

...and so on.

Hours of fun for the whole family.


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