[thechat] Pronounce URL

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Mon Oct 6 10:33:43 CDT 2003

Jorah Lavin noted:

>>He introduced the term "URL," then remarks that it is pronounced "earl."
>>Well, I've been online since '97, and I earn my living building Intranet 
>>sites, so I talk to tech people all the time. I've never once heard anyone 
>>pronounce the term that way. 

Hi Jorah!

Yeah ... them 'techies' man ... they're like that.   ;-)

Cue up the Dixie Chicks on me, 'cuz I usually call 'em "earls".

Who _has_ been known to deliberately mispronounce and/or otherwise 
abuse language ... just for fun. It's like watching the face on the 
person behind the counter in the Jewish deli when you ask to have 
your sandwich made on "that thar 'See Sammy' bread"! You *know* 
they want to hurt you for it, but if you keep a straight face they 
can't do a thing. ;-)
People are fun.

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