[thechat] Pronounce URL

Andrew Forsberg andrew at uber.net.nz
Wed Oct 8 00:23:48 CDT 2003

> Judah McAuley wrote:
>> But the acronym (WWW) is 6 syllables by my count. Dubba-you Dubba-you 
>> Dubba-you.  Which is interesting if only because the acronym has more 
>> syllables than the phrase it stands for.

it's still 9

dub-il-u x 3
dub-a-u x 3

> Hence my affinity for dub-dub-dub :)

confuses the hell out of most, though. gf uses dub-dub-dub. i've given 
up and now email URLs whenever possible -- few clients can resist 
sticking a www. in front of a perfectly good sub-domain, even when you 
explicitly ask them not to.


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