[thechat] Tech Toyz - GPS?

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Oct 8 07:29:15 CDT 2003

Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns noted:

>>I don't have any GPS recommendations for you. I'm just fascinated with the 
>>There's a terrific newsgroup for GPS that you might try: -- 
>><sci.geo.satellite-nav> I've seen a ton of helpful information pass through 

Hi Shirley,

Thanks!  I'll give that 'earl' a try. ;-)

There seems to be quite a bit of hardware out there that isn't too 
horribly priced.  However, all of the reviews I've read so far seem 
to be of the "The hardware is fine. But Dang! 'so-and-so' is awfully 
proud of their mapping software."  

So now I'm looking into the software costs ... trying to get a handle on 
that TCO thang.



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