[thechat] Does thechat mirror real life?

Sean ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Wed Oct 8 23:19:42 CDT 2003

Or does real life mirror thechat?

I had chance to use OMG WTF LOL in conversation when someone pointed me to


"My Uncle Bob lost an eye in WWII. The government gave him a beautiful blue
glass eye. It matched Uncle Bob's real eye perfectly. I used to tell Uncle
Bob "Hell, Uncle Bob you can't tell that it's not real" Of course you could
tell it wasn't real because it never moved. Remember how Sammy Davis Jr's
eye would never move and Colombo's eye would never move? Well Uncle Bob's
was the same way. I think it made Uncle Bob feel better when I would say
that you couldn't tell it from his real eye. Uncle Bob loved to drink. He
said it was because of the war and all the terrible things he saw there plus
losing his eye and all. The guys at the bar where Uncle Bob would go to
drink used to tease him and call him names like "You one-eyed bastard" and
names such as that. Uncle Bob would come home drunk and say how much he
hated that damn glass eye because it didn't look real and the damn
government gave him the cheapest damn glass eye you could get. That's when I
would speak up and tell Uncle Bob that his glass eye did look real and those
guys at the bar were a bunch of assholes and he shouldn't hang out with them
anymore. Uncle Bob finally drank himself to death and he wanted to be
cremated so that's what we did. Uncle Bob's will was read and boy was I
surprised when the lawyer said that Uncle Bob left his glass eye to me. He
said something like "Since you like my damn glass eye so much and think it
looks so damn real
here it is" I was stunned. I kept the glass eye in the
top drawer of my chest of drawers right next to my condoms. One night my
girlfriend went in the drawer to get a condom out and damn near had a fatal
heart attack. I love Uncle Bob and all but my girlfriend said that if I
don't get rid of that damn glass eye I would never get sex again. Well, what
do you do with a damned used glass eye? eBay of course! USA only. No

Not the seller, just a fan,

Sean G.

"I'd like to bury my face in two dozen 'Krispy Kreme' glazed donuts & just
lie there & think about Hello Kitty!"  --Zippy

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