[thechat] ADSL necessary kit

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sun Oct 12 18:45:22 CDT 2003

Martin Burns wrote:

> OK, so I'm getting ADSL on Wednesday (woo+ etc)
> Here's what I think I need:
> 1) ADSL Modem/router (I'm going for the D-LINK one neuro_ recommended 
> the other day)

cool - I saw you'd (unsuccessfully!) linked to amazon's page for the 
product in #evolt, so you should be aware you'll save a fiver incl. VAT at 
ebuyer.com and just under fifteen quid incl. VAT at scan.co.uk; just search 
on both sites for DSL-504, YMMV on shipping, obviously.

> 2) Microfilter for the phone point

don't scrimp on this bit - a £0.99 microfilter (i.e. ebuyer's) will usually 
act like a cheap piece of crap inbetween your master box and every other 
piece of equipment on your line.

> 3) Some sort of cable in between.
>    Looking at http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000636TI it 
> looks just like a normal phone
>    modem cable (ie male UK phone plug - male RJ11). Is that the case?

IIRC it comes with an RJ11 cable, and a dinky wee CAT5 cable.  The manual 
(which is still inside the box for my DSL-504) refers to both being 'included'.

> 4) Anything else?

Yeah, a windows box and/or patience - one or t'other is needed to do a 
flash upgrade from the shipping firmware to the latest build, either using 
a doze app, or via the web interface.

Also, http://shadow.sentry.org/~trev/dsl50x.html is possibly the best page 
you could ever bookmark if you're buying this router.

Oh, and a serial cable to be super l33t.  Caveat with that is buy the 
serial cable *after* you've purchased the router, as the serial port may 
vary dependent on the revision of router you get (varies according to batch).

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