[thechat] Tech Toyz - GPS?

Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns skaiser1 at skdesigns.com
Mon Oct 13 00:43:38 CDT 2003

At 05:29 AM 10/8/2003, Luther, Ron wrote:
>Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns noted:
> >>I don't have any GPS recommendations for you. I'm just fascinated with the
> >>technology.
> >>There's a terrific newsgroup for GPS that you might try: --
> >><sci.geo.satellite-nav> I've seen a ton of helpful information pass 
> through
> >>there.
>Hi Shirley,
>Thanks!  I'll give that 'earl' a try. ;-)
>There seems to be quite a bit of hardware out there that isn't too
>horribly priced.  However, all of the reviews I've read so far seem
>to be of the "The hardware is fine. But Dang! 'so-and-so' is awfully
>proud of their mapping software."
>So now I'm looking into the software costs ... trying to get a handle on
>that TCO thang.

Hi, Ron,

Thought I'd check in and see what you've discovered about GPS for your 

Yes, I've read about various GPS software. They each make them sound like 
they're the absolute best. ;-) Bottom line to me is performance -- I want 
to know how well they work in real daily life, how accurate they are. A few 
meters off may not matter much in some circumstances, but in others it may 
mean the difference of falling off a cliff... or not. ;-)

My first-person experience with GPS has been with my cell phone. The GPS 
signal can locate me within a few meters and tell me the nearest pubs. 
Priorities here, priorities. ;-)

Kidding aside, though, it's done reasonably well. I wouldn't want to count 
on it for my life, but for pubs it does OK. :-)


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