[thechat] The 48 hour film project

Sean G. ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Mon Oct 13 21:00:17 CDT 2003

Sure, you could take a whole month to write a novel, but what if you had a
weekend to write, film, edit, and a score a movie?

Well, you don't get Peter Jackson, but the results are interesting.

I just came from a screening of seven films made this past weekend in Boston.
Each was entertaining on its own but even more compelling considering the
conditions of production.

Teams gather on Friday and are assigned a genre.  They are also given a prop, a
character, and a line of dialogue which must be used in the film.  Final edits
are due Sunday, and screenings begin Monday.

The 48 Hour Film Project, a national US of A project, was in Boston this past
weekend.    Another seven films will screen tomorrow night in Allston.  Cities
remaining on the tour are San Francisco and Austin.


If you're in the Boston area or one of the other cities left on the tour, I
recommend checking it out.

-Sean G.

"No matter how much money Bruce [Springsteen] gives to charity, I still say
he's one of the tightest men I've ever known." - David Sedaris.

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