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Fri Oct 17 07:56:00 CDT 2003

David Wagner noted:

>>Having spent much time 'round Hayward, I can tell you that trips to 
>>Duluth are, indeed, far more popular than sex. But nowhere near as 
>>popular as lengthy discussions of the muskie season.
>>(Caught a couple of nice Northern when I was there in August. 

Hi David,

I understand! ;-) I used to spend my summers in Duluth and up in my 
grandfather's cabin on a small lake in Superior National Forest.

[Back then it was pretty BFN ... corduruy roads, uncontrolled 
intersections, lots of folks with no electricity or running water, 
crank telephones on party lines, loaded rifles in the house at night 
(in case the bears broke in ya see) ... it was a neat place to 
be a kid!]

Most of the time we would troll nightcrawler-harnesses for Walleyes ... 
but every once in a while we would head out to another lake to sling 
some daredevils around for Northerns.

Pelican Lake, (up around Orr, Minnesota [1]), was probably our favorite 
spot for Northerns.  {I'da bet big money there was a world record in 
that lake! No way would I swim in that thing!}

[1] Why the strange name for the town?  Welllllllllll ... a long time 
ago, when the fur trappers first started settling their families in 
the area there came a day when all the folks decided their small town 
was big enough to need a name.  

They all got together and each wrote down their choice for what the 
town should be named.  Big Ollie was in charge of counting, (because 
he could count higher than four you see) ... 

Sven read off the choices:

"We could call ourselves Johnsonville ... or 
Big Osh ... or 
Marystown ... or 
Bear Lake ... or 
... "

When he had finished everyone turned to Big Ollie to see what name 
had won. 

Democracy in action, folks ... it's a beautiful thing!

{Careful! Next time I might explain how Embarrass, Minnesota came 
to have it's name!}

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