[thechat] The Pianist

Heironymous Bosch jeromebosch at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 19 06:03:19 CDT 2003

|> and I had Jerome pegged (no pun intended) as so conservative and
|> straight-laced.

Thank you Erika, you are kindly intended.

However I am not.  I believe people are responsible for themselves.
Government should only help those who cannot help themselves.

If government gives money away, then everybody will queue up
to get a handout.  There is no discernment as to who gets it.

Just because Joe is out of work and doesn't feel like taking a
difficult job, does not mean I should pay his rent and groceries.
And telly.  And beer.

Stop "re-distributing" wealth, I say.  That is not the job of government.

This does not make me so conservative.


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