[thechat] more advice on buying a digital camcorder, please

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Sun Oct 19 13:02:18 CDT 2003

>> will movie frames be suitable for still pics?

> Check the maximum resolutions for each one...

for each frame?  frames have different resolutions?

> I would expect that you're getting a mid-range stills camera.

no, i'm getting a movie camera

oh, do you mean, built in to the movie camera?

well, if i can grab frames off the movie, what's the point of the
movie camera *also* being able to take still pics?

that's the part that makes absofrigginlutely no sense to me

> If that's worth CN$150, then go for it. If you already have a capable
> stills camera, wouldn't bother really.

well, yeah, i have an old digital stills camera, but why would i schlepp it
along as well, if the movie camera will take movies (duh!) and i can grab
stills from the movie?


obviously *not* a hardware guy

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