[thechat] more advice on buying a digital camcorder, please

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Sun Oct 19 13:45:23 CDT 2003

On Sun, 19 Oct 2003 14:02:18 -0400, rudy <rudy937 at rogers.com> wrote:

>>> will movie frames be suitable for still pics?
>> Check the maximum resolutions for each one...
> for each frame?  frames have different resolutions?

Your problem will be related to the way movies are rendered.

DV is recorded on interlaced frames - watching it you get both, grabbing a 
still you get half the lines (apparently) - this review might help:


if you want good quality stills get still digital camera, if you want to 
take still images get a dual DV camcorder that has the stills option, but 
beware the low resolution likely from such still images.




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