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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sun Oct 19 23:34:53 CDT 2003

On Sunday, October 19, 2003, at 05:14  pm, Martin Burns wrote:

>> Just because Joe is out of work and doesn't feel like taking a
>> difficult job, does not mean I should pay his rent and groceries.
>> And telly.  And beer.

You perhaps feel empowered to tell Joe what he can spend his money on 
because you have a job and he doesn't? Or is it that you think that 
people on welfare are undeserving of anything but subsistence?

Do you feel the same about the undeserving idle rich who you pay for 
through subsidies, either directly or by policies that inhibit external 

> Oh blimey - I can tell this is going to be a *looooong* thread...
>> Stop "re-distributing" wealth, I say.  That is not the job of 
>> government.

I should also point out that this is a red herring as redistribution of 
wealth is a different objective to providing welfare.


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