[thechat] The Pianist

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Mon Oct 20 06:31:17 CDT 2003

darling bri wrote:

> erm, what would you like the goverment to be doing, exactly?

i'm not jerome, but the answer to this is simple

the role of government is to maintain order

>> This does not make me so conservative.
> From my screaming liberal left wing perspective, it actually does.

amazing, eh, how where you stand makes such a difference in outlook

jerome's post was a bit of a troll, wasn't it

the best response, of course, would have been to ignore it

why is it that liberals always have this type of reaction when someone dares
to question the correctness of their beliefs

perhaps the difference is, conservatives want to use government to hold on
to what is theirs, while liberals want to use government to give them what


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