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> jerome's post was a bit of a troll, wasn't it
> the best response, of course, would have been to ignore it

This is a discussion list. I'm here to discuss. I couldn't begin to
guess why you are. I try to think about it as little as possible.

> why is it that liberals always have this type of reaction 
> when someone dares to question the correctness of their beliefs

Now that's very grown-up of you, and very conducive to discussion. There
is absolutely no point in making generalizations about groups of people;
large groups are made up of diverse individuals. You have everything
from Catholics for Choice to Liberals for the NRA. It's no more
appropriate to say "Liberals always do this" than it is to say
"Conservatives always do that" or "black people always" anything at all.
It's lazy and shows a propensity for being reactionary, rather than
responsive to the points being debated.

In any case, it will be a cold day in hell before I apologise for being
passionate about change. It beats being bitter and disillusioned every

> perhaps the difference is, conservatives want to use 
> government to hold on to what is theirs, while liberals want 
> to use government to give them what isn't.

This is very true. Personally, I'd like to have my US civil liberties
and Bill of Rights given back to me, because I sure don't have them now.
They're being held hostage by my conservative government. 

Sabrina Dent

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