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> i've always thought that if there should be any giving away 
> of money to others, it should be not by coercion (i.e. 
> taxation), but by the free will of those doing the giving

So did Ronald Reagan. And we all know how well *that* worked.

Let me ask you this:

On your current income, with your current dependents, if Canada did not
go beyond "maintaining order" to take care of it's people with
socialised medicine, could you afford healthcare for yourself and your
children? In the US, according to the National Coalition on Healthcare,
that's running about $9,500 US, with a predicted rise to $14,500 by


That's $12,500 CAD now, $19,000 CAD in three years.

Any thoughts on how you would manage that expense without the government
handout that is national healthcare? Because even if you want to argue
that you're paying into the national healthcare system with your taxes,
you are not paying enough tax to cover the cost of lukemia treatment for
a child, or bypass surgery for your mother, or lifesaving treatment when
you get run over by a conservative driving a gas-guzzling SUV.

Essentially, you *rely* on being able to take out of the national kitty
when YOU need it, but you seem to bitterly resent other people doing
that. It seems neither logical nor realistic to me.

Sabrina Dent

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