[thechat] Memory Lane... Internet clients from '97

John Handelaar john at videoisland.com
Fri Oct 24 22:02:07 CDT 2003

> I was googling around looking for good telnet clients, and stumbled across
> this, something like an internet time capsule. Really brought back memories
> of my first days online. If you got online before 99 or so, you might enjoy
> this.
> http://www.microsoft.com/ntserver/partners/findoffering/certapp/iclient.asp#archie


You're going to reference something called 'Archie', I thought I knew what was coming at the other end of the link.  Archie, WAIS and gopher were all around the same time iirc - '92?

/me has had the address john at gn.apc.org since June 19*88*.  It's been a while since we did these comparisons and I'm sure that at least Dean will have me beat....


[ps: yeah, new address.  new gig.]

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