[thechat] SoCal Wild Fires

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Oct 29 12:50:45 CST 2003

Terry Fowler noted:

>Well, the wind changed during the night and we are in
>the smoke now. There has been a mandatory evacuation of 
>Hesperia south of Ranchero Road. We're a block and a
>half north of Ranchero! Guess we'll start packing. I've
>posted one more photo to my web page. May not be able to
>write for a while. Wish us luck!

Good Luck Terry ... don't take chances!

Be sure to take everything with sentimental value: your 
photographs, negatives, and other emphemera ... 

I hear that's the stuff folks miss the most.

(I've never had to evacuate yet ... but my mom has had 
several homes destroyed by hurricanes and lost all her 
old photos and things.)

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