[inbox] [thechat] CD Drive Ceases To Read CDs

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Thu Oct 30 06:54:29 CST 2003

> Dear all

hi chris!

> I'm not sure if this is an appropriate forum for this post, so if not
> feel free to mpoint this out to me.

hmmm, i don't know any mpoints.
but i *do* recall something about baggy pants and mbass....or was that mfunk

> A friend of mine has a a PC with an internal CD burner. He told me that
> some time ago it stopped reading *some* CDs, but not all; seemingly
> randomly. Now, it will not read any CDs at all. I took a look at it
> yesterday, and this proves to be the case. I tried home-burnt CDs, and
> original MS CDs, all with the same effect. It seems to accept that there
> is a CD in the drive and it does not complain that the CD needs
> formatting (or indeed any message at all), but in the Properties window
> it informs me that there is 0 data, and the drive has a size of 0. It
> also claims that the FS is RAW. Has anyone else come across anything
> similar? Any advice much appreciated...

ahhh, the answer is simple. it sounds like the problem is with your stove (i see
you refer to it as 'home-burnt', your cooking skills must be about the same as

if they're showing up as "raw", i think you should put em back in the oven. my
wife has *never* accepted a steak on round one at a restaurant. she always sends
it back for more cooking.

> Many thanks in advance.

my laptop cd drive was doing that (not a burner), but i took it apart, put it
back together, and it works like magic again.
(really, i didn't use the oven at all).

(maybe i shoulda put the serious part first, i dunno)

hopefully someone can help you, chris ;-)


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