Sheep? - wuz RE: [thechat] CD Drive Ceases To Read CDs

Luther, Ron ron.luther at
Thu Oct 30 08:20:47 CST 2003

DESCHAMPS Stéphane wistfully intoned:

>>For quite a few months I've been considering dropping entirely this computer job >>and go breed sheep somewhere in mountains where DSL means nothing... ;-)

"Oooooo!  Any 'black-faced' little beauties?"  ;-)



I was traveling in Scotland with a friend of mine some time back.
We were very tired. The train was very crowded.
I decided to make some room for us ....

I took to staring out the window with exaggerated concentration 
and occasionally muttering things (in a depraved Sean Connery meets 
Gollum sort of voice) like "Mmmmm Sheepses" and "Ooooo .... 
black-faced little beauties!".

Surprisingly, within a very short time we not only had seats ... but 
room to put our feet up and nod off!

Bastard got me back though.  After a few hours of much needed sleep 
he roughly shook me awake noting (quite loudly) "Look Ron - SHEEP!" 
I was still half asleep, but still replied (also quite loudly) "Oh? 
Any black-faced little beauties?"

It suddenly got very quiet on that train.


Can't go back there again.

(Never underestimate the power of terrorizing the populace.)

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