[inbox] Sheep? - wuz RE: [thechat] CD Drive Ceases To Read CDs

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Thu Oct 30 08:56:43 CST 2003

RonL whipped out his waders, BAAAA!:

> "Oooooo!  Any 'black-faced' little beauties?"  ;-)
> Sorry.
> <explanation>


> </explanation>

well, now that we're talking about trains, and how to get a seat....

when i was in college, I used to come home for the weekends alot on the
"metro-north commuter railroad".

full of guys in suits, some who ride the train 4 hours a day. and they always
sat there, staring out the window (no sheep between fairfield county and NYC,
just ghettoes)

anyway, i always found i could get a two-seater to myself by arriving with a
big-ol-greasy piece of manhatten style pizza.

the technique:
1. chew *very* slowly
2. stare right at the people coming down the aisles
3. hold the pizza at about a 30 degree angle, so grease drips steadily onto the
mangled paper plate in your lap.
4. even better, ditch the plate, and have a newspaper spread on the aisle seat.
let the pizza drip on it while you pretend to read.
5. a piece of dental floss hanging from the corner of your mouth helps too

i swear i once saw a guy in a suit, sit in the window seat, and promptly (very
carefully) spill coffee all over the aisle seat.

must have been crappy coffee, or maybe he wanted to read the new issue of
"Shepard's Life" undisturbed....


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