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Jorah Lavin wrote:
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>>Plus, the matrix-in-a-matrix idea is really, really lame.
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*Bleah*  All the fantasising, philosophising, and daydreaming in the world 
doesn't make up for the following facts (which will include spoilers):

[therefore ...

... obspoilerspace ...

... ithankyew]

- The Matrix was made to be a great kung-fu action flick with some
   head-scratching sci-fi overtones (i.e. "ooooh, real life is a sim?").
   Carefully thought out zeitgeist allegory of our times / religions /
   philosophies, it is not.

- Neither The Matrix Reloaded or The Matrix Revolutions grant Neo with
   anything more than uber-Matrix-manipulation skills and a "connection
   to the Source".  Pie in the sky discussions about Neo's implants,
   being a program, being a cyborg, et cetera are purely speculative,
   as the only people who *truly* know managed to sign a pretty
   amazing contract with Warner Brothers to assure that neither
   Wachowski brother has to talk to the press unless they actually
   want to.

- Trinity's pointless death due to her bad driving trivialises
   everything she did prior to that scene.  Neo's complete and utter
   lack of revenge-seeking rage post-Trin-deathness simply exacerbates
   the pointlessness of killing her off.

- Virtually every major character from the previous two movies are
   reduced to caricatures of their prior selves - I found myself
   rooting more for Captain Mifune and The Kid than I did for Neo.
   Morpheus flicks a few switches and pisses off Niobe, the Hammer
   (aka the Mjolnr) flies to Zion in a pale imitation of Square USA's
   (vastly superior Animatrix short) "The Final Flight of the Osiris",
   Link answers the phone a couple of times, Councillor Harmann gets
   to ask after the Neb (and takes some shit from Locke, who spends
   the rest of the movie in Lieutenant Gorman mode) and The Oracle gets
   stung with a stupid plot device [1] to explain away Gloria Foster's
   untimely death during production.  Only Agent Smith escapes with a
   dash of humour - "Well, you should know, mom" - and an
   even-eviler-than-last-time streak.

   [1] if programs can escape into other 'shells' (presumably
       inhabiting actual humans via wetware), why did the Merovingian
       give a shit about Trin's "give us Neo, or I blow your head off"

- The Super Burly Brawl is better than the Burly Brawl, but the last
   30 minutes of Kill Bill, Vol. 1 outclasses both Matrix sequel
   uberfights on several levels, the utter lack of unnecessary CG
   being amongst them.

- Every "fan" in the world who tries to write off the unanswered
   questions in Reloaded by saying the (non-)answers in Revolutions
   are made to make the audience think further and use their imagination
   are simply bullshitting to cover for bad scriptwriting and a sloppy

... and so on.  I'm *vastly* disappointed with Revolutions, and becoming 
more so by the day :(

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