[thechat] Friend of mine stabbed, not in danger

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Nov 12 15:41:16 CST 2003

Stef noted that her friend and fellow evolter was stabbed:

>>A fellow technical architect and asp.net specialist (who's also been a 
>>'thelist' reader for a few years), Matthieu, was stabbed without a word by 
>>a guy on Friday who wanted to snatch his laptop computer.

>>Mat's hands were operated this weekend and now he's safe

Hi Stef,

I'm glad to hear that it sounds like Mat will be okay.

>>I'm sure he'd be pleased (and surprised) to receive get-well messages 
>>from all over the world.

Well, he's got one from Texas anyway. HTH a mite.

Give him our best!


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