[thechat] Judge of Character Test

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Fri Nov 14 11:58:57 CST 2003

>Luther, Ron wrote:
>>Hi Gang,
>>Forgive the caps ... just forwarding w/o re-typing.
>Hate to be a killjoy, but this is old :)

William, you are TOO hip!

I got 6 of ten.  The only one that was obviously (to me) a geek was 
the guy with the big shaggy beard and hair.

I disagree that serial killers are easy to identify from the way they look.

There are relatively a lot of serial killers in this part of the 
world... Pacific NW and NW California.

I was working this job in 1998, and a local trucker/serial killer had 
just turned himself in to the cops (and to drive the point home, he 
handed the cops a woman's breast in a ziplock -- which is about the 
only way a killer is going to get caught in Eureka, California).

and one of my co-workers' husbands had this trucking company, and she 
was like, "My husband hired the serial killer! "  And she said this 
particular killer was actually pretty hot-looking,  and that the 
jailshots were not at all representative, that he was very clean-cut 
and the ladies really thought he was hot in his Levi's...

One of his victims' torso washed up just a couple miles from my house.



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