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s t e f notabene at f2o.org
Wed Nov 19 15:36:05 CST 2003

<quote who="Judah McAuley" when="19/11/03 19:29">
> DESCHAMPS Stphane DSI/SICOR wrote:
>> Same family that expects me to look like David Hasselhoff next summer 
>> in Corsica. Sheesh ;-)
> That's funny because I think my family would slap me around if I looked 
> like David Hasselhoff.  And let me say on behalf of America: Europe, if 
> you want David Hasselhoff, please, please take him. We've had enough. 
> Thank You.

No, no, it's OK. Be my guest.
We had the very best of him, K2000 and Malibu.

Did he play in anyhing noteworthy?

OK, I'll try another guy then. Er... Apollo? :-)

s t e f

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