[thechat] wiggle sightings

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Wed Nov 19 17:19:25 CST 2003

Morgan wrote:
> yep, greg wiggle is venturing out on a solo career.

Ppphhht. Just wait until Anthony goes out on his own. The hordes of 
mothers will be a thing to behold. Anthony was voted Bachelor of the Year
by a high-profile Aussie women's mag a while ago... (he's married now 
"Yummy", apparently (at least according to my wife).

I feel sorry for poor old Murray -- can't sing, can't dance, just dumps
around like a goon and pulls stupid faces.

Anyway... now when the girls from Hi-5 go out on their own, and
ditch those loser guys... THAT will get the Dads out in force.

(The original Australian Hi-5, not the American knock-offs. I haven't seen
the American ones to judge... but the Aussies! Rrrrrowr! Fan site
here: <http://www.hi5.com.au/>)

Paul (who knows far too much about Australian children's TV... especially
the Hi-5 girls)

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