[thechat] minneapolis

Chris Evans chris at unhappyfun.com
Thu Nov 20 23:38:42 CST 2003

Luther, Ron wrote:
> I didn't know you was a Buckeye! 

Born and bred! Hell, this Saturday is a considered a holiday, and taking 
a half day on Friday to get drunk "for the team" is a valid excuse. 
We'll be turning over cars and throwing burning couches into the street 
on Saturday night - a celebration if we win, a riot if we lose.

I tried that last year, but since I'm 34 years old and living in a nice 
middle class neighborhood, I found it was a pain in the ass to roll my 
neighbor's SUV, and I couldn't find a couch on the porch.

Do other people keep couches on their porches, or is that a redneck Ohio 


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