[thechat] WAS minneapolis NOW straying a little east

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Fri Nov 21 10:51:09 CST 2003

Morgan Kelsey noted:

>>d00d....i was born in Cleveland.

>>1973, the year the river burned -- that's right folks, the river -- 
>>caught on fire!

You say that like it was a 'bad thing'! 

Some of us *like* fresh fried fish!

Didn't you ever read that pamphlet in school "Our friend fire 
(or why Johnny has scorch marks where his eyebrows used to be)"?

<dons west coast 'tude>
Dude! Fire is ... like ... totally natural and organic, man.
It's nature's way of cleaning out the chaff ... like out of 
favor mobsters (oblique reference to Shonder [call me 'Cinder'] 
Burns) ... and mayors with bad hair (Ralph Perk).

It's a celebration of the cycle of life! 
(Ooops, sorry, that was Detroit.)

Just remember what the good book says:  "Give a man a fire and 
you warm him for a day. But _set_ a man on fire ... and you 
warm him for the rest of his life!"


(Hey, they'll never pin that one one me ... I was ... uh ... 
ummmm ... I was standing in line somewhere ... I'm sure people 
saw me.)

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