[thechat] Public about MJ

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Nov 27 17:44:57 CST 2003

On 27 Nov 2003, at 22:29, Paul Cowan wrote:

> Syed Zeeshan Haider
>> My question is, what is the public opinion in USA about MJ? Do people
>> think that he is really that kind of bad guy?
> I can't speak for the USA, but I can tell you about the prevailing 
> opinion
> in Australia, which I suspect mirrors the US opinion very closely.
> The guy is a freak.

Oh totally stick your head in a bucket of custard bonkers.

> Then, he started to get a little eccentric. Despite his denials, you'd
> have to be a fool to believe that he hasn't gone to an awful lot of 
> effort
> to change his appearance, etc. Frankly, he looks like a monster, but he
> doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with it. He does odd 
> interviews,
> tries to buy the bones of John Merrick, lives with animals like they're
> his best friends in the world, etc. At first, it was one or two things 
> --
> and most of them harmless, if a little quirky -- but after a while, 
> they
> started to add up, and people began to think "what a weirdo". Only his
> real fans didn't think he was weird, but over time more and more came 
> to
> realise that he was a total nutcase. Now, I think pretty much everyone
> realises that the guy has more than one screw loose.

And the thing is - he doesn't have *anyone* who's prepared to tell him 

> As for the child abuse allegations -- well, honestly? I think that 
> no-one
> knows if they're true or not.

And true or not - after the first set, would a rational person (or even 
a strongly advised one) continue to have (other people's) young 
children staying in his bed? You'd have your lawyers running for the 
hills at the risk.


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