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Syed Zeeshan Haider szh at hotpop.com
Fri Nov 28 00:06:36 CST 2003

From: "Paul Cowan"

> I can't speak for the USA, but I can tell you about the prevailing opinion
> in Australia, which I suspect mirrors the US opinion very closely.

As Australia is not politicaly as active as USA, therefore, we in Pakistan have
very few information about your country. For most people Autralia is a country
of dangerous Cricket Team from whom Pakistani Cricket Team must win. I watched
some TV dramas of Australia on PTV. They were great despite some clear technical

> The guy is a freak.

That's what a friend of mine says. My friend is a musician and he has a deep
insight of almost all kinds of western and eastern music.

> Then, he started to get a little eccentric. Despite his denials, you'd
> have to be a fool to believe that he hasn't gone to an awful lot of effort
> to change his appearance, etc. Frankly, he looks like a monster, but he
> doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with it.

I think his looks were better at the time of "Thriller" than now. A friend of
mine (not that musician) said to me, "Although I can't understand the music of
white people (it is a *general* term in Urdu for white Europeans and Americans)
but I like the dance of Michael Jackson." Then I told him that MJ is
African-American. My friend could hardly believe me because of looks of MJ.
Perhaps he had only seen new videos of MJ.

> He does odd
> interviews,
> tries to buy the bones of John Merrick, lives with animals like they're
> his best friends in the world, etc.

Moral: "There is a great difference between 'to be' and 'pretending to be'.
Isn't it?"

> If there was one thing that totally threw everyone, it was the marriage
> (sham or not) to Lisa Marie Presley. I don't know how well LMP was known
> in Pakistan, but Elvis is probably the one single iconic pop-culture
> icon that EVERYONE can relate to + understand, more or less -- more so
> than probably JFK.

Michael Jackson is much more known in Pakistan than Elvis Presley. Most people
know Elvis only through news because they can't understand his music. LMP is
known because of both MJ and EP.

> There are probably a lot of reasons for his behaviour -- he obviously
> had a weird childhood, and I don't think he has coped well with his fame --
> and I think most people, while they're happy to laugh at him, also realise
> how sad it is that he has ended up in this position.

In short, can we say MJ is losing his fans?

Thanks for detailed response!

Syed Zeeshan Haider.

Allah says to Mankind:
"Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?"

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