[thechat] xmas light fiasco

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed Dec 3 09:30:51 CST 2003

stef dared to make the hulk angry :
"mr. notabene, don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when i'm angry"
(that's a bad hulk-TV joke, for the uninitiated)

> > one of my 
> > generously-appointed-with-lights-metal-frame-posable-reindeer
> > has half it's lights blown.
> (don't-mock-him, don't-mock-him, don't-mock-him)
> (remember he's the hulk in disguise)

its ok, i got my meds
[GurgleGurgle /]
these lights, are like, so cool....

> nagrom? say hello to rudolph if you see him, right?
> (that was a close call)

well, my problems are increasing exponentially by the day.

i got some of those cool hanging blue lights you 
put along your roof, so it looks like you have blue icicles.
but its been so damn windy, 
they keep getting blown up onto the roof.

from what i understand about probability, i shoudn't
keep climbing onto my roof with a ladder that's 4 feet too short.

and my light-up santa keps blowing over, 
he broke his light last night. 
i can't put anymore rocks in his ass, the plastic will break.

stupid plastic american crap!!!

next year, we'll have a manger scene starring several big, heavy, metal robots.
i've got a dead 2gig maxtor that's gonna look great in a baby's bonnet.....


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