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--- Erik Mattheis <gozz at gozz.com> wrote:
> On Thursday, November 27, 2003, at 09:08  AM, Martin
> wrote:
> > So, are we all getting excited?
I waited to see if somebody else would reply to
Martin's post. So far this is the second reply about
ROTK; compare this to about 20 replies about MJ!

> I wish I could! I read the trilogy multiple times in
> HS ... and saw the 
> first showing Fellowship -  on the first day ...
> walked away let down. 

I was also let down after the first viewing. I had
arranged to see the first day first viewing at 11am 
with my son and then go back for a 3pm show with my
daughter. I enjoyed the second time much more than
the first time; no surprises. Same thing happened
with Two Towers. 

Now I'm a bit concerned about ROTK, I spent $120 on 
three tickets to Trilogy Tuesday; my wife and 13yod
are going, as is my son (20years), but he paid for
his own ticket, as did my friend at work, Chuck. I've
mentioned him before; he's our alphageek.

I know I'm going to enjoy FOTR and TTT, but that's a 
lot of money just to have to turn around and watch it 
again so I can ENJOY it!! Ah well. And then there's 
the question of what to eat during the marathon. I
mean, I love popcorn, but. . . .

I've seen FOTR and TTT enough times that I know when
step out to use the facilities. :) 

> (and can somebody verify for me that the Ents played
> a huge role in the movie as compared to the book?)
Actually the role of the Ents in the theatrical 
release of TTT was seriously truncated; there's a
lot more in the Extended Edition, but still less
than in the book.


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