[thechat] xmas light fiasco

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Thu Dec 4 17:06:31 CST 2003

na-grinch noted:

>>ok, i've got [rebar] wrapped around santa's neck, what's next?

If'n ya gotta ask ... <shakes head />

>>*well* some of us live where it actually LOOKS like xmas, 

RonL. pauses his pruning of the roses in the backyard, gently 
straightens the hem of his hawaiian shirt to cascade artfully 
over his shorts, pushes up his shades, casually sips his margarita, 
and inquires ... Que?

Frozen? Frozen is for margaritas ... not people!

Who used to be able to walk down from his house and take pictures like 
this one: http://www.fangsnclaws.com/Photo/avalon.asp 

[Yes, I *know* I should have cleaned the glass on the scanner 
first ... I'll redo it ... honest I will ... In fact, I'll get 
right to it ... uh ... "someday" ... when I have a moment ... 
in my "spare time" (TM).]

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