[thechat] Software marketing

David Wagner dave at worlddomination.net
Thu Dec 4 21:55:26 CST 2003

"Macromedia Flash MX 2004"

Has anyone noticed that software releases are starting to sound more 
and more like cars?

The packaging is beginning to look similar, too.

Since when do they need to make software "catchy" and visually 
stimulating in order to get me to buy it?...

...oh, nevermind. It's when it started costing $700 for a box of 1s and 

(And on another rant... does anyone else remember when going to 
www.flash.com would get you to the *player* site, not the *studio* 
site? Before everyone and their dog was a developer?)


David "*Yes*, I'm feeling cranky today, dammit!" Wagner
dave at worlddomination.net

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