Enhancing Digital Photos (was: RE: [thechat] xmas light fiasco )

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sat Dec 6 03:55:31 CST 2003

On 6 Dec 2003, at 01:27, Terry Fowler wrote:

> --- "Luther, Ron" <ron.luther at hp.com> wrote:
>> Martin Burns shared some nice pictures:
> This topic seems to have drifted perilously close
> to digital photography and I'm going to nudge it
> even closer. Once I get my digipix onto the pc I
> use Irfanview to batch rename the files. I've
> only recently realized I can use the same app to
> batch sharpen-enhance color-modify gamma etc etc.
> Do any of you have a standard set of modifications you
> make just across the board on all your digipix?

A bit of both. Each image gets an individual treatment with cropping, 
some tonal work with Photoshop Levels/Curves and some other bits and 
bobs. But there is an opportunity for some batching at the end when I 
resize and sharpen as almost all of my pics now end up as either 
640x640 or 723x480[1]. My export to JPEG tends to be individual to try 
and get the best file size/image quality balance.

[1] Yes you read that right. My Canon has the same image proportions as 
a 35mm neg rather than the more common digicam ratio of 1:0.75.

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