[thechat] "Eight Miles High" (was Re: Gotta new Mac - now what?)

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Mon Dec 8 02:30:37 CST 2003

On 8 Dec 2003, at 06:23, Erik Mattheis wrote:

> On Sunday, December 7, 2003, at 05:05  PM, deacon b. wrote:
>> Actually, that song (and that album) was 3 or 4
>> years *prior* to the epoch.
>> Maybe year -3. Except that time should be
>> measured in seconds, rather than years....
> Maybe he meant year 0 as the year the Communists got a foothold in 
> Vietnam which started off the domino effect, causing Cambodia, 
> Thailand, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Greece and Italy 
> all to fall to Communism ... because the domino theory was confirmed 
> as law during the Vietnam experience, we're now toppling the dominos 
> back: first Iraq ...

Iran was retoppled[1] in 1974 when the Shah was put in place.
Iraq was going swimmingly until Saddam misunderstood the US wishes over 


[1] ie returned to being a US client state
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