[thechat] xmas light fiasco

Drew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Mon Dec 8 04:08:32 CST 2003

At 21:41 06/12/2003 +0000, Kevin Stevens wrote:
>And I don't see it as just me being all Bah-Humbug! about it,
>hardly anyone I know is particularly enthusiastic about it, they just do it
>cos everyone else does.

   I didn't have much of Christmas as a kid, so it's something to do 
properly now. My wife's family go in for the Finnish traditional Christmas 
in a big way; it's great.

   I'm betting that most of the people you know who aren't enthused about 
it are from families who celebrated it in a desultory fashion, rather than 
having strong traditions, because it really does seem to make a difference.


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