xmas event? ... wuz RE: [thechat] xmas light fiasco

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Dec 9 08:22:32 CST 2003

Kevin Stevens noted:

[Bah! Humbug! ... due to:]
>>I think it is more the blatant commercialism of it, as well
>>as expectations so different from reality. For a start, it is so expensive.

Hi Kevin!

Sooooo ... if I read between the lines here ... {and ignore the coffee 
stain, the watermark, and ewwww, what the heck is *that* ... yuck!} ... 
anyway ... that sounds very much (or at least *almost* - which is close 
enough in this case) ... like a call ... yes, a call my friends ... for 
a return to basics! ... to tradition values! ... a call for an 
old-fashioned ... evolt-style ... xmas flash mob!  ;-)

{Okay, maybe not ... but what the hell ... work with me here!}

So what's the plan?

... everyone stands on a street corner at noon on the 24th and throws 
elvin gang signs about for a bit? [That pointy eared bit can be a little 
tough on some of us!]

... after Christmas dinner we all vow to start the songfest with "It's 
beginning to look a lot like FOUC ... ev-rywhere you suuuurf ..."?

... we all show up in Connecticut in the middle of the night and rearrange 
nagrom's lights into a giant 'cubey'? 

(just you never mind ... I ain't a'tellin that story today)

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