[thechat] unsubbing / mpls recap

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue Dec 9 11:00:50 CST 2003

Hey everyone, I'm unsubbing from thechat this week, and just want to 
say "tschau."
I probably should get unsubbed from marketing too (Martin?).
I just feel the need to severely limit my network (and time spent 
thereon) to refocus on other things.

Anyone who wants me, find me here or at my seastorm address.

Got back from MN mostly stuck in St Louis Park but it was cool. 
Texa-Tonka has come a long way since the 80's... from suburban 
wasteland to international "Nameste Plaza" --  Twin Cities get less 
and less lutheran....

got to have a drink at Calhoun Square and that was the extent of my partying...

And, hey  Minneapolians, what is that building downtown with the lava 
lamp on top?

Okay, that's all.

as you were...


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